Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday, went to celebrate my WIFE’s birthday! She actually came to school and pick me up. Maybe not me but toni. Anywayy, we cab to ehub, then waited for celeste to come, then we went bowling. I kinda rock at bowling, just at the second game the ball hates me, keep going into the stupid drain.


Then we went to pastamania and eat. Wahh.. I haven’t eat creamy chicken in like 10 years..

HAHAHA, no la. Just exaggerating it!

Then went to arcade to take neoprints! So nicee! I like taking neoprints. Then play arcade. You know the driving thing? I got a feeling that I will not pass my driving license test. Ohmyy! I want to drive! Nevermind, I’ll get better (:

Then went foodcourt to eat ice longan. I dumped all my longan to Sarah. I lazy to chew! Played truth or dare.. Dint dig out any thing interesting though!

Ohwell, then the two joker decided to hide uh. In the bus keep saying that i saw them. But the truth is without my specs. I’m super blind! So even you are behind me, I cant see you at all!

Well, they had fun. Sarah actually took 21. But she got off way tooooooo early. So she promised something!

MY SKINSHIP UHH!!! Don’t you deny it!

Ohohoh!!! I FINALLY FINISH WATCHING PERSONAL TASTE(: OHMY! Its damn sweeeeeetttt! Goodness…! I can like die at every episode. BUT I SURVIVED! It was quite sad la, the part about the girl’s past.. SADD! But Lee Min Ho made it all better!

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