Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haunted Changi = Waste of time.

Like really la, only the part where the ghost appear then scaryy, which was like 3 scene. the rest is just touring OCH! Althought i'm the only one screaming in the theatre but... I can't control, the face just appear righhtt.! HAH! What's a horror movie without screaming! I was giving face kay! HAHA! Joking. Anyway, its been super long time since me and my cousin hang out! But they live soooo farr!

-September holidays has arrived!-

Btw! Last friday was a supperr lonng dayyy! Classchair had to like got for this mediation thing, got to leave early! Like 12. Then took 2 taxi there we arrived then we got settled in and we got bored, so me mable and amanda decided to draw on the note book that they give! Then there is this roleplay thing, Our school was named, so Amanda have to go! Then it was tea break, amanda missed her chance of getting free food!

Then damn funny this guy came up to me SUDDENLY, Out of nowhere.
The guy : Do i know you? I think you look familiar.
Me : Err.. No * waiting for and introduction of him*
The guy : Ohh sorry i thought you look familiar! *leaves immeadiately!*
Me : *STUNNED?!*

Then ravina : You so meannn eh, at least ask for his name la, he not bad looking.
Me : I was about to ask but he rushed off! -_-

So they came to a plan! There is this question and answer thing. The sequence is say your name and school and then your answer. So by voulenteering me!? that guy will know MY NAME!!
SMART UH THEY ALL!? I was forced too embarrass myself ): But ohwell, not like i'm gonna see any of them again! So yeahh.. After that, train back school! Embarrassed ourself by taking photos in the middle of everywhere that has colour! HAHAHA!

Reached school, had to do duty till 10 ++ ! Its like child labour almost died! Okay, since my son and jeline wont read my blog. Amanda and i played a prank on them! HAHAHAH! I dont think they find out. cause we are the PROOOS!! (: SO FUNNNYYYY! Ran like a mad horse!!!

After all that ushering and all! Have to packk up! I dint know chairs are so heavy! I seriously almost died! Played abit of bball. I tell you me and amanda won jeline and laurencia! I TELL YOU I AM A STAR PLAYER KAYY!!! (: tytyty!

Kayy! Going out with my wife on wednessday! SO long neh go out with her! I bet she misses it!

I want to go ler!
Zai jian ba! (:

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