Friday, April 15, 2011

I can do it !

Changes makes me lose a hell load of confidence. ~ Its weird to blog again. Its been dead for who knows from when.. Anyway, SAC Choir's Central Judging is on Monday (18/4). Like yeah.. 3 days from now.. Our common goal, Gold-with-honours. Gosh. Sometimes it seems to be impossible.. Too much things happened to choir these 2 years. From attaining our champion in Europe marks the end of Mr Toh with us. I definately remember the feeling when he announced that he is not going to continue with us. And ofcourse the feeling when we're at backstage waiting for our turn, hearing the choir before us which was so good that for one second i lost all my confidence. Its time like that when i look at Mr Toh, the confidence came back instantly. When I'm on that stage in Europe, the atmosphere was : Asians, how good can they be? We focused, eventually proved them wrong. Our last song, the applause was really unforgetable. On the way out, they were giving comments that made me go : What did I just do? The results day. I couldn't predict the results. All I know is I wanna win badly. Sitting at the concert hall. I was on the verge of fainting. I couldn't take it, the annoucing thing was make the sleeping butterflies in my stomach go wild. (HAHA) Then they annouced. : Champion, St Anthony's, Singapore. See that freaking long space. The mc took superrrrrr long that I almost died! We screamed, followed by the crying.. Its felt like I've won some war.. Like VICTORYYY!! Flashbacks of devilishly intensive, torturous, nerve wrecking, hell practices were in my head. Everything was worth it. I felt like I could go through all that again. It was AWESOMELY AWESOME. Couldn't have done it without Mr Toh I guess. He dared to bring a choir consist of 27 (?) ( super duper small number for a big competition ) people. No one ever dared to do that. He did. He believed in us. Its funny how I hated him like crazy before the trip. Ironic? The first Gold-with honour we had at the last Central Judging 2 years back, right now I will be super confident. When he is satisfied, I get that confidence. But now, I don't get this feeling.. I freak out ( together with caraoline, brenda, yujin...) I even dreamt of it.. I guess its just because Toh is not there.. No one is assuring us.. The new conductress is awesome too. But, i dont know, its different.. I'm just not used to it.. Butbutbutbutbutbut.. as Adam Khoo said, What you think is what you get. So it better be, it must be. Pretty much stuff happened.. its like @#$%^&**&^%$@#$%^&*()(*&^%$# YUPP.. Mr D said : If live throws you a lemon, make a lemonade. I don't know howw? I thought you love me, I thought you care. ~ Bustin Jieber. HAHAHAHA... LAME!

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