Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flowers are from Sarah, Abigail Chan and Dhyllis!
Sarah gave me 2! HAH!
Kay, Arts Alive 2. Naughty people, neh buy tickets from me uh! Missed a chance of seeing me SHINE! HAHAH!
I actually did a tiny winy mistake on stage. I clapped wrong. TOO ENGROSS MAH! BUTTT! Its wasn't v. obvious la. Poor Brenda. She out down her whole hand. HAHA! That scared me. Then i lost count. Ohwell. Whats done cannot be undone, life still goes on.
Yesterday went to abigail's house with maggot, jeline, jess and francine. i think my dad has stm or going senile soon. After AA2 i ask him i can go anot. He say only after lunch,11.30 too early. then when he woke up, he screamed. WHY YOU HAVENT GO YET?! WHAT TIME ALRDY?
Scare the hell out of me eh. then he quickly fetch me to bedok inter. SO FUNNY! Manage to go tgt with them. took bus 854. 32 stops!!! If i was alone. i dont think i can make it. HAHA!
Reached her house! 3 huge dogs at her gate. MAGGOT scared until cannot. DAMN FUNNY!!!
her dad was making lunch! Damn nice right? Then we went up and play. The first thing i saw was BUTTON! HER DOG! Soooooo CUTE!? Again, maggot was running away from him ): i was playing with button. took pictures. slacked. go park then went back for dinner watch HORROR MOVIE?!? The maid. I was screaming my lungs out kayy! WAHHHH! Damn scaryyyy!!!! Stupid jeline, laugh at me! so scaryyy laa!! ):
then went home... was tireddd but cant sleep! It was damn funnnnn!!!! Me likey!
To wife.I neh cheat on you la. i swear kayy.
Anyway. You made me faint so many times today!!!
wo ai ni~~~
Kay, celeste, she is mine uh. You are half mine too. (: i love you too!

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