Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You want my answer?
i give.
First of all, the whole solving thing. I dont think it worked for us anymore.
Its like, we're could not calm down. Or rather, you dont calm down.
When i hit the nail, you make me confuse with what i say.
What is this? Do you really want to solve it?
Someone told me, no point amending a friendship when i know that is not gonna work.
( probably by now, you;ll think i'm a bitch, ahlian, whatever you call me. )
You were happy when you heard that i want to solve it. I think you're happy because you expected me to say sorry to you?
I've done that almost everytime even though i wasn't in the wrong.
This time, its not gonna happen.
You're just in a habit of snatching what i have.
If i gave you all i had, will you be happy?
You said your family are not with you, so you need attention.
Yes, friends NEED to be there for each other, but not to see them suffer.
Have to make this clear, so is your family not here, thats why you are doing this to me?
You talked about fairness, how is this fair to me?
I can be there for anyone as long as you are my friend.
The definition of friend to me is simple ; someone who i can confide and trust in.
Simple, but as most people say, Stupid.
The hardest thing to achieve is the simplest things i guess.

Because growing is painful (Mr Toh's qoute.)
Continuing this is also not my choice now, it just keep coming doesn't it?

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