Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yuup i'm back.
Sorry, its a late post cause stupid fb la. And i cant multitask well.! this post gonna be damn long. if you have the patience to read, GOODALUCK(:
I'm back from 3 countries. Tiring but worth it!
I proud to say


It was 100% not expected cause like our competitor. Did you hear them?! They were like WHAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I was like no hope alreadyy.. ==
But little did i know.

The feeling was like... unexplainable.

When i heard our school being called, flashbacks of the hard work came to my mind.
Then it was like all of it are worth it. Then tears dropped down.. But i sucked them in, cause got the concert mah.. I still cant believe it until in the bus i broke down again...
Brenda, Yu jin, Amy was like laughing at me slow reaction..

And the next thing, i saw a super duper crazy wierd side of Mr toh.
Even a girl like me who use to dislike him actually change a perspective of him.
Now i know everytime he do something, there's a reason, and its normally good for us. Its just that we dont see it immeadiately. I'm gonna read his book. ((:
Ohohohoh.. He say when i smile i velly charming. AHAHAHAHAHA
Totally dint expect that coming out from his mouth!! But anyway, he say i got a qian bian face when i down smile. ==


If yes, i am sorry ah!

Anyways the whole trip is super memorable!
Dont think our trip was like a holiday.
But i enjoyed it.
Thankyou Mr Toh ((:
and my family,
Ms tan sio ling
Mrs Linda teo
Mdm Aznar

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