Sunday, July 11, 2010

Okay, By your reply, your principle of living is already wrong.
Growing up is painful, if its not, you're not growing up. Can you learn big things in a soft way? NO.
Why is our school wall has a butterfly symbol. It has a story behind it. Find out yourself.

Of course, I don’t believe it will work.

Tell me, how many times have we gone through this? What makes you think that this time it will work? It’ll be the same after a few months. See the pattern?

Calming down.

You used provoking words like, ‘ how you know I ….’ When you ask me this question, I will think that you do not understand my explanation. That’s why I have to repeat. Then you say I assume stuff. How the hell am I supposed to talk to you? I’m not saying whose fault. But I’m saying who started it.

When I hit the nail, you make me confuse..

Sorry, I’m born blur, gullible and what not. Its not that I’m not sure of what I’m talking. Is you twist and turn my words until it gets out of point. Sometimes I get puzzled when one thing could somehow lead to another.

Why did I assume that you wanted my apology?

Don’t you realize that I have been saying sorry for almost everything that happened last year? Why did I do that? For the sake of having a peaceful class full of fun and laughter. And sorry to disappoint you, I don’t think I’m in the wrong for choosing who to study with.

Let me guess, the ‘who’ is apple tea?

What belongs to me is the friendship of that person. Not the person herself. I don’t have possessive syndrome. So you are trying to say if she is your friend, I’ll get jealous? Please, even if I like her, I would not get jealous because of you. What makes you think that if you are friends with her, she’ll like you? ( Don’t deny you don’t have this thinking, or at least thinking that you and her will get close?)Face the fact. Even if this matter was not to happen, I still think both of you will not be friends, at most, a hi and bye thing. Go look yourself at the mirror before you say I can get jealous. ( Not being rude, just agitated that you dragged it in.)

You realized that if I gave you a friend that I have when you have no bondings with you will not be happy.

Ofcourse I understand. I thought you don’t. What I meant was snatching the attention that I had. Last year, you can’t accept the fact that me and sarah were closer, COME ON. SAME PRIMARY SCHOOL?! You go around saying I like her and blah blah blah. This year apple tea, didn’t you said the same thing? … Back to point, when sarah ‘sided’ you last year, you think she was happy? She didn’t talk to me for somany months this year, it was because of YOU. She is happy?

Your family is not with you so the more you need friends to share Your happiness and sadness with.

So you need attention from your friends more. So is it my fault that your family is not with you? I told you I can give all the attention you want just stop creating the ‘I feel left out’ thing. By doing that, its like you are demanding for more attention, and if we don’t give you, the whole ‘I feel left out’ thing comes. We are humans, we get tired of nonsense, especially when its repeating. Who is making things complicated and stupid now?

As for celeste one.

I’m not trying my best to come in between you all ok. Seriously. What do I gain? Celeste? Or is it you don’t trust her in the first place? What makes you think that after not spending time with you, we are not your friend? You don’t trust us or you just want attention?

When apple tea ‘scolded’ you.

She did not scold you. And that was even before we told her about the letter thing. THE LETTER THING WAS ONE WEEK AGO FROM TODAY! We’ve been emphasizing this a lot of time. And how do we know is really not you? We can’t help but to suspect. You can’t even describe the girl. Apple tea won’t hate a stranger for giving her a love letter? The reason she said ‘so suay‘ is because she sees you as a trouble maker.

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