Thursday, July 29, 2010

TY TY TY TY !! To Vivien, Pearlyn, Francine, Celeste, Nic Lim, Iffah, Jeline, Bernice, Sarah and Naomi AND ALOT ALOT OF PEOPLE!
I swear their prank worked ttm! I got entirely fooled! How gulible can i ever get!
Anyway, its damn sweett!
Awww.! Dint expect it at ALL!
Thank you all! Wo ai ni men ttm!

Okay, so ah lian. but in chinese, it sounds much more sincere and meaningful.
That is why I like chinese (:
Like really la, friends for not say very long also not very short. Just dint expect it.
But the cake ah! Whats the WOOF and a dog for?
I’ll post more tomorrow.
I getting invested tomorrow. Unbelievable, I can actually be a student leader.
Ms Celeste still ask me ‘don’t lie’
Kay. Want to sleep. And now I am kinda pissed, angry, disappointed, confused. And all the other shit feeling!
HIHIHI! Backkk!
I can't get over my birthday prank. So unforgettable leh.
Kay, i went to RJ and RI's concert at esplanade.
Unfair): i will never get to perform there. No more Mr toh ):
I missed the times on stage with youu, Mr tohh!!!
And i can't make it to tmr's tea session with him cause i have to study for common test.!
SADDD! >:(
Our common test have to be pushed up cause of Y.O.G!
Today. Velly cold. I was freezing like ice cream.
I want long hair now. Like immediately!
So nice ehh! Nice straight hair (Y)
But have to wait donkey years ):<
Shoudn't have trim it. Trim = Cut off a few inches.!
Cheat my feeling, i thought just cut 1mm only!
Super cute eh! OMG. Their comeback is a killer.
♥SHINee! ♥
I'm gonna be a good girl(:
I'll do my homework and revision everyday!
Kay. BYE!

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