Sunday, June 6, 2010



My neighbour just died. I just visited him like this morning and the next thing i know is he is in heaven. I'm sad. He was such a nice man. He manage to live till 92. Everytime i vist his family, he would say he loved to hear me sing. ( i always sing at home like superr loudly.. ) But now, the person who appreciated my music is gone. So this trip to europe i'm gonna sing for him and make him proud. ((: I will not disappoint you!

Okkay. in like 4 hours i'll be at Changi airport..

i realised when i kinda get excited of something, when i sleep, i would wakeup in the middle of the night and breathe heavily, and my heart will beat really reall super dupper HARD.. it happen twice. The other time was, i had to extract my teeth.

I'm wierd


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