Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pathetic Shit!

This post is requested by CelesteOhJingQi!
I dont know what to sayy now! Letme think! ........
I like SNSD! C-A-B-I!
2 PM is HOT!
I think YoonA and Nickhun should be the cabi couple..
Nahh.. Taecyeon and YoonA should be...
Aiya, Pretty girls with pretty boys. Mix and match here will match one la!
I'm going Poland next Sunday!
i'm sho excited.!
I dont know.. Just want a getaway!!!
I wanna be a superstar!!
I reallyreallyreallyreally NEED to be one!
I'll die if i dont have a stage!
its like. IN ME!?! I'm Crazy, but yeah!..
HAHAHA.. Somethings are so funny that i can laugh until i cry!
First time in my life someone said that!
I'm like so bored this few days! If you catch me ENTERTAIN ME!!
Really it'll be much appreciated!

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