Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maybe I’ve given up.

Heyy.. It had been so long since I blog,

Know why? Cause I had my MYEs this few weeks, so I’ve been like cramming.
I’ve found that last minute stuff helps eh. I remember a lot better than study hardcore a few moths before exams. Maybe the sense of urgency just got to me.

A lot of things happened like in just a week. YES. A LOT!

First is Someone has a girlfriend.. WOW! You abit the liar ah..

But anyways, whats not mine is not mine!

Thanks Celeste, My RING (:

2nd is, damn confidential.
So yeah, too bad. Can’t tell :P

3rd is the cycle of my sec 2 life problems.
the same girl, same reason, same timing.
I don’t know why are you so stubborn. You always bring things up, and then you don’t want to bring the matter back down. You like to leave things hanging around, but I don’t. And stop putting words in my mouth, Stop saying I don’t care, I never. If I dint care, I wouldn’t even bother going out with you when you said you were going back.
But now? You say we caused you to have a bad life here. I’m Sorry. But you are the one making your life and our lives difficult. Don’t you feel that if you take a step back, if you dint had look things that way, we could be friends and left better memories of each other? Things had to turn out this way.

Sorry its abit too harsh. But I have to let you know.

Nowadays, have been spending more time with celeste and wife. (L)
but its only exam time then we get to be like this.

Ohhh! Sorry Pearlyn Mok, for pangseh-ing you these days ):

OH! Did I mention that I love Justin Bieber?

[u]Just his voice attracts me.[/u]

Hee(: Wanna be my boyfriend must have his voice. HAH!

Ohh, I’m going Europe during the June holidays with choir.
And straight after exams I have practice practically EVERYDAY!


But Tbs say we are representing school, Singapore. So cannot embarrass ourselves.
But true la.

I will persevere for Singapore and SACSS(:

Tsk. But I cant go out with my friends ):
Nehmind, I’ll make time as I promise Iffah & Pearlyn that I’ll go ice-skating with her.

Must Book me hor! Hee, feel like I so busy like that…

Kkay, having my Ringdingdong chatting session(:


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