Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour; Lights off, Conscious on.

Today, 27 of March 2010.

Lights out conscious on!

Did you off the lights at home?

Today the whole sec 3s went to Fengshan CC to promote Earth Hour!
We went in groups of 6 to respective HDB blocks knocking on every door to encourage residents to switch of their lights form 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Some were supportive, some was just utterly rude.

To the supportive ones : Thanks for appreciating our efforts for going to your doorsteps and promoting Earth Hour and listening to our words.

To the rude, ill-mannered ones : Well, if you dont want to do your part on saving our world. The least you could do is to appreciate our efforts on coming to your doorstep, cause the choice is still up to you. We are just here to encourage you. Critisizing the event, telling us that is none of our business is just plain selfish! Its my earth, its yours too!

Just saying that everyone has a part to play! Be considerate! I soo hate the weather cause its super duper hot! and if all of us dont do something, i'll just melt like that!

But anyways, on a brighter note! Me, Pearlyn, Vivien, Francine,Ying Pei and Alexis did our best on ecouraging people. About 300 Houses eh! Not bad huh? Hee!

OHHH! And we did a formation of SG 60. Cool hor? AHS, Dunman high, Bedok Green were there.

Yes, it was quite funn! I wanna do again! HAAH!
OHYEAH! Had free starbucks there!

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