Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daddy's Baby show!

Today woke up at 7 to help my daddy's baby show at Holy Innocent High!!

I know like why isit there? because kebangan punggol CC is renovating! i thinks its gonna be damn nice!! I bet you all know how much i like kids! Esp. BABIES! or cute toddlers!

But i hate those attitude, pampered kids, cause i'll feel like slapping them. haha!

Anyways, help to set up the competition ground. Its so damn cute, everything was smaller than me, so i felt small. The basketball post is shorter than me the net for football was shorter than me too! First time eh!! HAHAHA! Felt so good! Lol.

Then at 9.30 mums,dads & kids came pouring. The kids were excited seeing the toys. Then they took the 'competition balls' then i have to go around taking it back by exchanging colourful plastic balls to exchange! HAHAHA! i was like : i exchange with you ok?

You know how kids are like, they see new thing only throw the old ones... SO CUTE!!

Then after that have to split into catergory One and two!
Catergory one is Most Photogenic siblings, means the babies and their siblings would take a photoshoot then the judges would compare. Got one pair of sister wear the samething! Damn Cute la! they came in 2 i think!

Then catergory two is the sports one, first you have to walk to the basketball post and shoot the ball into it, then walk to the football goal post and kick the ball in, whoever fastest get into second round. The same la... HAHA!

It might sound boring, but its damn fun to see them, some of them the parents take food to make them walk faster... Like dogs! HAHAHA! Damn funny! OMG there are 26 Babies!
Ok, its just damn cute la.

Pictures are on fb!! Go see damn CUTE!

Me and my sister was like, when he grows up sure damn handsome one... When she grow up sure damn chio one!! HAHAHA... cause got bored after a little while.. Then some funny stuff croped up!

Kids la, everything is EPIC-fied!

These few days my mood was damn spoiled!
sometimes i felt like %$&*^%^*&#@!
I dont know la, i dont want to say it here cause like everyone will be reading..
Its just that, i trust everyone! seriously! But once you betrayed that trust, you'll have a really hard time earning back.. but i choose to give in somehow, but dont you think its damn mean.
I could have left you there hanging.

i kind of regret.

But ohwells, i dint listen to others and make the wrong choice, but i have to live with it.

Ok, everything sounds so emo all of the sudden. I guess this is it!
BYES! (:

I'm not going to let it affect me anymore. (:

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