Monday, January 4, 2010

Today, first day of school.
The first thing that came to my mind when the alarm clork rings, was 2/4 class room with 2/4 people, but only for that split second. After that i realised that i am not with them anymore.
Then my head hurt abit. I wasn't looking foward to anything, just hope that i dont get wallop by seniors. Overall, to day was so wierd, maybe still not used to it. -But i guess i will. Recess, i was SO DAMN HAPPY!! I laugh alot, and loud because who knows when will i have these kind of laughters again. I felt so happy.. i swear.

In class i sit with Chia Ying Pei, My new buddy she is very lively. You may think i very crazy and noisy in class. Actually not really. Without making noise in class makes me listless, but when i make noise its like useless, like no one will care or joke with me, except for ying pei. She is nice, the only student leader in class.
Oh did i mention the begining of the day was so embarrassing, i was so happy to see eleanor and pearlyn mok, so i scream loudly HELLLOOO!!~ But my face changed immeadiately when i saw eleanor's shhhhh, got seniors face. Then i look up WHOOA! seniors staring down at me. i was like ok... this suck! BIG TIME but oh well i am going to blend into the walls soon.
thats all i guess. see you next time !

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