Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ok. The last of this post was from JOY
but now its from me..

2009 is gone! Forever.
2009 went very fast. But somehow it makes me very reliant to the people, classmates, teachers and class atmosphere. Amazingly, i get used to 2/4 so quickly.Now 2010 without 2/4, the feeling is already like unfamiliar towards the world. At the beginning, there was lots of unfamiliar faces, but i could feel that there is some chemistry in the class, then i got excited of what the year would become. -It was a pleasant feeling.
This year, noneof the feelings were there, i became uncertain about everything.
Its like only you guys can make me back my normal self, like only you guys can do it.
You all are such a Huge part of my life
Now i am very sure that i can say it with my WHOLE heart



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