Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ok, like soo damn long never post.. YUPP, came back from Kukup. It was damn fun like i want to go again. MY GREATEST REGRETTTT, i dint play my pop pop!!! like what??? if count back, i got seven years never touch it alreadyyy ..The trip was well organised but the bus make my nack very painn.

On thursday, Joey came for sleepover as she stay farfarfar away at serangoon. Before that went audreys house. i got surprised that so many people were there.
i thought sarah dhyllis and audrey's group was there dint know SO MANY people were there, it was funn.. First thing reached auds house, got scared by her dog, phantom. i dint know he'll bark when i open the door, he CHARGED at me... i wasn't prepared la.. ya managed to escape with the help of auds maid, first thing dhyllis bully me, ask me cook with her... so ya helped her.. i cut myself, then i felt that i shouldn't do cutting anymore then i fry with michelle WHAOOO she wanted to kill me with hot oil mann... hahaha.. damn pain got burnt.... then yaa, the rest in the room playing. then auds ahma came out and say we can get married alreadyy.. how cute is that? hahahaha.. then after awhile they all came out to eat... sarah became AhSim the waitress la.. hahahaha.. ya then sarah got praised as NATURAL DRUMMERR???.. the first time i went i somehow got that title then now changed to sarahh.. nevermind i retire awhile hahahaha
then went eastcoast cycle..SO SHIOK LAAA!!! so long never cycle. then played with sand where sarah and veronica burried my legs? quite cooling eh.. yupp.. then went home......

At home nothing to do with joey so we played some cards then sleep as we were damnn tiredd...

Woke up at 4.30 wahhh.. dont know how joey waked me up but still i woke up :DD
bathe and everything reached school.. then ya check passport.. then went on the bus at about 6.30 so late right? then slept.. then until reached woodlands check point.. everyone's energy hyped upp... veronica said i love singapore to the officer eh... so cool huh? then chopped the passport then on the bus.. travel to Dangawan Bay for breakfast. Damn HOTTT... sn shinging directly at me.. then took pictures there as the backgroud very nice.. then hopped on the bus and headed to pineapple museum... the museum is like only some parts has aircon.. then ya took pics, dint bother to do the worksheet as if i really do i will fall asleep.. then after that in the bus mr siddiq scolded us for being disrespectful.... i was like halfway dozing off... then drive to

KUKUP the kaylong there la... the houses was on the sea, so was like afraid of falling off the planks, but i know how to swim BUT SWIMMING IN POOP OMGGG i'd rather die .then quite interesting la then took a boat to the fish farm.. ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA?? AND THE FLOOR WAS SHAKING.. i was like glue to the ground but dint see much.... the mangroove walk seriously scare me, i thought we had to climb the high high bridge like only on string.. i was like, cannot cannot need helicopter already..Then 2/5 bluff us say got seven eleven.. i was damn angry when there isn't only some bird eye view of the whole mangroove.. so like kanna cheated then walk back very fast..hahaha then for seafood lunch.. whao got about 9 dishes.. whaooo, peeled prawns for people to eat, cause i dont feeling eating anymore then went and michelle was finding for things to buy... walk here walk there.. then brought things.. food la, what else... the to chocolate factory.. quite grouchy there as i was very tired.. brought chocolates :DD
i forget to buy the hot chocolate then ivy ruby almost killed me... i forget mah... then headed back... in the bus very funny it will be REMEMBERED right michelle?

I LOVE 2/4 i am going to cry on the last day.. i might even kill myself hahahhaha

ok thats for now

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