Thursday, September 13, 2012

Closer to the edge


Had band today and it was a really good session! We sounded great!! At least to my almost partially deaf ears. I will definitely loose my hearing soon with electric guitars and crazy drums blasting at my ear twice a week! But I guess its all worth it cause I kinda enjoy my time in the studio. Its like our crazy space where we can make so much noise and blame it on music :D All the bands are getting closer and I like that (: Thought I was gonna be a loner and sit in the corner, but everyone is so nice and playful, we're gonna get along just fine (: Can't wait for Dream V's audition! And there are so many stuff coming up~ I really don't know how am I gonna cope, but I guess I'm gonna have to take it slowly.. 

It was my parent's 21 anniversary together as a married couple~ Had dinner at Seoul Gardens which i was really about to explode! Oh well 21 years together, thats really long. Always wondered like if I ever get married, will I have second thoughts on the day itself, I somehow feel like I will. Getting married is kinda scary but I like how it glues 2 people together, like waking up to someone you love every morning, coming back home to someone you love... all these things seems to be the happiest moments in life. If only it was that simple (:

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