Monday, September 24, 2012

1 (:

Spent last Friday with Joey at Gardens by the bay (:

We really felt like we teleported around somehow! It was a really a memorable day indeed! We trained to marina bay and bus-ed to GBTB. Walked around and it kinda felt like avatar for some reason. There were so many trees! The weather was scotching hot when we got there and amazingly it decided to rain heavily. And we walked under the rain to Marina barrage. Yes we're mad like that. We were drenched, but i was so happy. HAHAHA Like 'yay omg I'm walking under the heavy rain and no one will stop me' feeling. It felt so good! Got to Marina Barrage and walked around. And we saw in total 5 couples taking wedding photos there in all sorts of dresses. It was a day spent really well although all the places we went were all unplanned! It was a really good day (: 

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