Monday, April 16, 2012

This thing

Weird now huh? I wished it all didn't happen. Honestly, it's so sad for it to turn out like this. Remember how it used to be? Yeah, used to. ): OHWELL! I tried to pretend like nothing happened. Like what I used to do... But hey, the image of both of you had to appear. Which makes it so damn difficult. So i guess this is why people say things will never ever be the same. Its funny cause my feelings fight each other. WEIRDO! But yeah, for a minute, I really really wanna care and all but it just pops cause of yeah... then I can't anymore. SO.ANNOYING. ): But too bad, I'm like that already.. and I don't really like the fact that I'm like that now. Cause I'm ALWAYS contradicting myself. IM SO SCREWED. But Life goes on~~~~ SEEEE!!!! HAHHAHAH! Hilarious - I guess you still matter :/

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