Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loola Bintan, Camp CORRI 2010!~

Last day. Last few minutes. ( sorry no class photo here so just put this.)

Our two veryvery man instructor! SHASHA (left) and i forgot! OOPs!!

The small kid we met halfway! SOOOO DAMN CUTEE!! Look at her eyes SO HUGE


Btw, thats Iffah carrying her!

My passport and boarding pass!

The pics supposed to be upside down.. but anyways.. who cares!
This camp dint take alot of pics cause have ALOT of water activities! So ya... You can go fb and see. Eleanor has more!

Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan Indonesia


Before the day came, i was scaring myself! To think of it, HOW DUMB!

Woke up at 5 a.m. In the morning... i was like whatt.. so earlyy!!
Then ya, bathe and everything! colddd! Grrr...! Then went to school. It was so damn dark la.

until like 7.30 a.m. we set off from school to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT).
Thanks Eleanor for providing me motion sickness pills! I LOVE YOU!
Everyone else was like puking!! Me and Eleanor were like sleeping! SO SHIOK! But neck pain ):
It was a 45-50 mins ride. reached there.. the sea was like :O Beautiful! But its not loola yet!
Its just the immigration ==. Anyways, we had to like thake a one and a half hour ride to Loola.
The bus like so cute! Small small one. BUT! NO AIR-CON! SHINGZX! But it was a wonderful expirience as you seldom see it in singapore! The road was jerky like dont know what... Then i got determined to pave the roads..

Reached LOOLA! Had our lunch then we climb Coconut trees! Funn!! damn high.. At first dint dare. So i said to Jeline ' if you climb i climb. '

To my atonishment she said ' ON AH! '

I was like :O i am so going to die..!

But i did IT ! HAH! beat that :P Okk.. then we did archery.. i can shoot ok.. Dont play play... But not bull's eye lah..! == wasted! Nicole anne and iffah really look like achers they got the fierce fierce look when they shoot... I SEE REVENGE IN THEIR EYES ! Lol.

Then did sky-walk. Its something like bungee jumping but shorter, about 3-4 stories high? Had to walk on this thin pole... My legs JELLIED LA! then i fell off when i wasn't ready..

I was like : 'AHHHHHHHH... HAVENT YET!!'

Oh Poor Fatin got rope burn! She grabed the wrong rope! It was super pain just by seeing it!

Get well soon!

Then went to bathe, settled for dinner and all.. got a little pissed with teachers at night la... SUPER PISSED!

Ya, then had headache so dint Don at night!

Next DAY!!
Woke up at like 6 a.m. Bintan time... its like 1 hr before singapore, if sg is 5 bintan is 4..

then ya.. the usual blurr me in the morning! Breakfast then raft building. Our material is four empty barrel some wood sticks and strings!! And we had to do a cheer for it and name it!

Name : Nictanti... (opp. of titanic, cause it sinks and ours wont! DUH!)
Cheer: Gimme a 'N' a 'N' a 'N' 'I' 'C' a 'C' a 'C' a 'T' 'A' a 'N' a 'N' a 'N' 'I' 'C'

What does it spell 'NICTANTIC' cause... WE WILL WE WILL SURVIVE! SURVIVE (X4)
And YEP! we did we are like the FEW groups that never broke, sink, half-way sink...


Then wash up, lunch... DO CIP which is paving of the roads. Sounds meaningful huh? IT IS!
I LOVE IT!! Although its hot but like at least do somethings for the villages!
it was funn.. But i get body ache..
After that went back bathe went for dinner..
Next day, had to wake up at 6.00 again... get ready, eat breakfast...then went for kayaking!!
thats when eleanor became sick): she very poor thing.. her whole tougue had ulcers! which is damn painful!! After kayaking halfway, she couldn't take it so she took the speed boat back while i was stranded alone... NO LA.. I went into yingpei and iffah's kayak.. so relaxing i dont have to do anythingg!! HAHAHA! Then after we got on shore.. she went for FLYING FOXXX!! DAMN COOL.. Jeline.. WALAU she went after me ah.. but ah she so brave la, she just jump down like that eh, and i mean jump OFF! i had to ask the people to push me down cause i can't bear to push myself down... Iffah was like hanging her legs down.. i was like i cannot make it already la... HAHAHAHA.. thanks to the instructor who pushed me down. Otherwise i might still be up there. HAHA.. But its seriously damn shiok!! shiok ttm!!
Then washed up lunch.. OFF TO HILL TREK & BOOMZ-NET!! LOL.
okk.. hill trek going up was funn, going down is super scary.. actually going down we should just slid our way down... haha.. i slipped but got the rope so not that jialat. :D i kept thinking thers boom-net later, theres boom-net later...and WOOHOOO! I made it :D
I just realised Yizhen is scared of chicken.. i was like == CHICKENS? she cried eh.. i was like :O
hahaha... so interesting!! then boomz-net.. FUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUNNNNN!! AHHHHHH!
I want to do it again and again (suddenly think of 2pm).. is like jumping off the boat at different levels... like freaking fun!! and i am proud to say that I ACCOMPLISHED THE 3rd LEVEL!!!
Pro anot? YES!! thanks to Bernice Jeline and SHASHA.. they were like i jump you must jump ah.
so touching... Awww!! our class is kinda bonding alreadyy!!
Then go back for camp fire.. Our class screwed up BUTTT!! we were damn cool. I ask you ah.. camp fire we supposed to be high one right? OUR CLASS cool until cannot cool already.. we were so calm and practically stoning... I love it man, its like super cool, every other class was like screaming shouting standing up. we were like sitting down and stare.. HOW COOL IS THAT???!!
thumbs up for my 3/5 :D They should have another prize : THE CALMEST CLASS!! Which is US! After campfire.. we went to our dorms and had 'class meeting' talking about each other, what we felt.. then we don!! until like 2a.m. It was an interesting night i must say,HAHAHAHA,thou shalt not say! yupp then last day arrived, abit sad cause thinking of stress in s'pore.. dint really want to leave after all.. took pictures Then back to singapore..
Yupp thats all on my report of Bintan!!
i spend like a few hours cause my hand is TIRED of typing so much wordss!! ALL FOR YOU EH!
hahaha, k i shall stop here.. BYESS

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