Monday, January 18, 2010

This guy is mr Lim Chuan Li

He is our No Class teacher... Too Bad! he will be teaching us only afew months, then we'll have Ms Nicole - i guess... Hope she is as easy-going as him l. ==
Well, early in the morning shed a few tears. Then i 想开 already... Dont know la. I'll come to a different conclusion when i think of it over and over again!!
ANY WAYS! Our camp is at bintan Loola resort.Sounds like a holiday? The beach in the pictures seems nice... If only it was with two-four...
Tommorow going see dentist!! they very ma huan eh... have to go so many times also never do anything just talk and check == but patience is a virtue. And beauty comes with a price. - no pain no gain :D

I'll wait,i'll wait..... ==

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