Monday, January 25, 2010

Going camp!!!

I am starting to like my class. But today... xin le and Nicole and Nicole Anne fight...
Sho scaryy!!
Our class like fighting just few days before bonding activities-camp.
So saddening!!!.
They fought in front of the teacher until the teacher couldn't control. I was so startled as they shouted at each other all of the sudden. actually Nicole Anne was trying to break the fight. But i just wouldn't so its like adding on to fire... after that i was not sure. i had to rush to another class. TSP (taysiew pek).
She'll be a popular figure in my blog.. i cant understand her lessons at all!! And she dint come for so many days and she is giving us a test on Thursday. When she hardly teach everything. Seems like we have to depend on Chuan Li.
But so unfair that we are having a test?!~ postpone it..
Better do!!
I find it sweet that Mr Siddiq still wears his former (2/4'09) Class Tee!
Ohhohhhohh! I can't wait for camp. I am treating it as a getaway, from school, home and STRES!
Teachers are like drowning us with homework... but i kinda 'like' to do.. it makes me feel accomplished after i've done
Keep it up Denisha :)

Thats for now.!


Let's make our world a better place by not hating but love each other. Practice compassion.
Look at Haiti. Lives are just lost like that - In that split seccond. People lose people. So as for now CHERISH!!
Cool down... don't take hatred too hard as it might have a worse impact on you than others.
Learn to ignore ostrocise. Can't forgive easily?

Ignore is the best.
Its difficult, but to make world a better place. TRY!~
Jiaoyou!~ You can do it :D

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