Saturday, November 19, 2011

I don't want to say goodbye


I actually graduated from SAC, after 10 years!

Honestly, i don't really want to leave, but i have to! I HAVE TO! HAAHAH!

Every good thing comes to an end, and my secondary school life is... well, can be counted as a good thing. Sure I had my ups and downs, but I definately don't regret.

SAC, Hahh.. I've done so many things there. Its definately a place where I feel like I can do anything and get support ~ Well, most of the times! HAHAHA Be it from teachers, friends, and sometimes schoolmates you dont even know. Its just heartwarming looking back and reflecting.

Where can I find another place like SAC? Sigh... I really hate goodbyes!

Especially when after you say goodbye, it'll never ever happen in your life again. And thats just a horrible feeling.

I'll do another special post for my class. There's just too much to say about them~

I love 4/5 2011 <3!!!!

My SAC family~

The order of the pictures messed up ):

Mr Toh! And the thing is i don't greet him as 'Mr Toh' I greet him as DAD! And he'll always get a shock of his life. HAHAHA! But you know what, he really does acknowledge me as his daughter.. Unless I'm in denial! HAHAA! But seriously, thanks to him, my trigo was from 1 to full marks all the way~~~ Cool huh? That's my dad! HAHAAA!

Ahhh, my wifeeee!!! Oh gosh, isn't she gorgeous? HAHAA! But when she eats~~ HAHAHA!! She is just so sweet. Listening to all my secrets and keeping them safe. Never fail to be there for me and she understands me! That's why she's my wife! Thank you wifeee! We go crazy together alot. I love youuuuuuu!! <3

GAHHH!! Mdm Kee!!! I'll miss her forcing me to do the signature pose with her~ She's actually a really nice teacher! The small letter she gave us on the last day of school was so sweeet!!
I actually feel quite guilty, our class was disappointing her a lot at one point of time. But she didn't give up on us, well.. almost~ But how could she resist my pleading and whining! HEHEHE! It always work (; But yeah, SORRY MDM KEE!!! WE LOVE YOU!! TEAM MOOI THIAM! <3

Mr Dinesh, he is not just a teacher, he is like my best friend. I seriously tell him everything! EVERYTHINGGG!! Okay maybe not but YEAHHH!!~~ He is like the sweetest teacher. There was this time where we all feel like giving up, other classes teachers were looking down on us and all that stuff, he was the one who picked us up! He went to the extent of making us a video! LIKE WHATTT!! I know!! We didn't see it coming at all. He showed us this 'inspiring' video which was like those cliche ones where we were like falling asleep, but suddenly, the video became about us! I cried like mad k. He is best at making girls cry, in a good way of course! HAHAHA, And he owes us FOOD! And we owe him alot more! THANK YOU SO MUCH MR D!

Sequinaaaaaaaa! Hahahaa, She's actually a very nice person to talk to. Look, she bend down for me! HAHAA I've known her since primary school. Same bus and all. And we have a secret! HAHAHA Never forget that day at the lift (; Its nice knowing her! We should hang out some day! (:

QUEK JOO SIAHH!! My 2nd DAD! Me and Vivien would Scream DADDDDDD! Like across the school, and he'll be like, NOOO NOT THEMM! And soon he got used to it and accept the fact! HAHAHA! He is the most entertaining teacher on earth! His jokes are THE BESTTTT!! Its like out of the blue, unexpected. Me and jess made a list of his original jokes. Its like hilarious! And I've got to thank him for making formulaes so easy to remember! He is a walking calculator, a genius!! If you had him as a teacher you should know. He is good man who doesn't go to orchad road! HAHAHAHA!


Our principal yo! HAHAA, Sure she gets hated a lot. But i got to admit, she is the coolest principal I know~ She is more open than any normal principal would be. Although sometimes we do not know why she does certain things, but i believe its best for us. Yes she screams at our class a lot, but doesn't it shows that she cares? SAC is kinda interesting with her as our principal, don't you think. If we had some other principal, i don't think we could have as much events as we had. I'm thankful for her!

Mrs Grace Heng, like her name, she is really full of Grace, she's forgiving encouraging, she's just like a mother! She is so nice that if you don't do her homework, you feel like you're letting her down. Being chairperson of 4/5 wasn't that easy, but she always had my back and ALWAYS teaching me to do what is right than popular. She is really a wonderful teacher~ Thank you Mrs Heng! <3

The bearrr!! Its so cute, it even have an underwear!!! HAHAHA! I'm so sad Mdm Frieda didn't come! ): She is a DIVA TEACHER! I LOVE HERRR!! <3

So I'm an alumni now, that word really really sound SOOOOO OLD!! GOSH!!

Still can't believe it, my ten years of SAC life is over~

I'll miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!


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