Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm loosing my mind, so tell me why~

Oh thank god, my neighbor to the rescue! ITS GONE! Woohooo!!!

Finally finally finally, caught up with him after such a long time~. Ever since he got his girlf, he doesn’t hangout with me that often anymore. That sucks! And I can’t hangout with him and his girlf cause apparently his girlf does not like me at all. I swear I’ve never met her once at all. I’m so dislikable man. ): And furthermore this country bumpkin does not have fb and twitter. So yeah.. Looking back, it’s been 12 years since we knew each other. I remember the times when boys randomly asks me for my number and he would come to the rescue and say ‘ She’s taken.’ Then drags me away. COOL RIGHT?! BUT! After that he said he’ll haunt me if some gang comes and beat him to death. And the hero thing went back to 0. OHOHOH!! I STILL RMBR! My cousin used to have a crush on him!! AND SHE WARN ME NOT TO LIKE HIM!!! HAHAHHA!! OMGOSH!! But my cousin knew me well, I’ll never fall for someone who grew up with me~ ITS JUST FREAKING WEIRD! ( in caps for his girlf! (: ) GAHAHA, I bet she’ll hate me more. TSK! Lately, I’ve been forcing myself. I’m expecting something to happen. If its bad it’ll be likea ‘isawitcoming,iaskedforit,ishould’veknown.’ Thing. If its good then it’ll be ‘ ohwhatwasithinkingimreallysry’ Yuppp. And I’m in the ‘imready,hitmewiththetruth’ kinda mode… ACTUALLY, I HAVE NO IDEA. Heehehe, my mind is in a whirlywhirly shape right now. It’s the things I felt, it was the best, then I see something else which turns everything arnd. Then I hear again, which was good, then I see something else again. You see the circle now? HAHAHA! Its whirling big timee~ And I freaking wrote a verse about it. #taylorswift mode. By singing. It takes my mind away for awhile. OHHH right, Nic lim asked me to audition for JYP, YG and all but nahh. I would go for SM first, then if I don’t make it, then I’ll try the rest! SM ish my first priority. I hate auditions la, can’t they just accept then I’ll definitely give 20000000% and my all to it! HAHAA, Yeah, impossible, auditions are like the gates you have to walk thru. WHICH SUCKS! Cause when I do something, I’ll want it so bad that if I don’t get it, I’ll die. Esp this! Yeahh~~ Sorry nic, you audition yourself first :D Or you want to wait for SM with me? Guess not, you don’t like SM):

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