Friday, September 16, 2011

And I need you like a heartbeat.

Today, was tiring and I absolutely know why. I slept pretty late last night. At about 2, I was worried about history. I memorised it long ago, but because this time, I took a huge risk – study one theme. I figured out that for Social studies and History, the questions can somehow be predicted! Esp. when your teachers are setting the paper (; This is called being exam smart! You just have to listen in class. When ur teacher’s emphasising/nagging/drilling something into your brain – it’ll definitely come out! YUPP! I spot on the Japan one and the POV was a heart attack! Luckily I’ve been chanting about Germany in sec 3 that it stays in my brain forever! I’m able to do it, Thank god!But I slept for 15 mins! And I didn’t do 1 SBQ!):): Had a break and that was when I went a little high. I started laughing at anything. Its not entirely genuine but I just want to laugh. I have no idea why. It just hit me suddenly. Then had physics paper, it was okay, I hope I didn’t screw up! After that, went popeyes with maggot and mok. Caught up with them, its been a week since I last saw them. Joked and joked and joked! Then went Daiso with maggaot and france @ EP! Yes, its funn! Every Daiso we go to is just hilarious! Thenn went to surprise mok at her house cause she left us after popeyes. And we got possessed by ahlians. We ended up doing photoshoots of ahlian poses. It was Crazy! I’m disgusted by myself! But its rlly entertaining so, Nevermind! Enjoy~ and erase it from your mind NOW!Today, I was just mad high. I laughed hard at everything. I feel myself using a lot of strength! I just feel like laughing everything out. HAHAA HAHAHA, Well, maggot and france laughed along no matter how ridiculous it was. Thanks~~ But seriously it was damn funny~ Whats not funny when you’re around maggot?


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